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Alabama Living

June 2019

Wind turbines are getting bigger and better, and are on track to generate 9 percent of our electricity by 2020

Forward Kentucky
May 29, 2019
The popularity of the Green New Deal is forcing its opponents to adopt new tactics.
Alabama Living
March 2019

Electric co-ops are winning the reliability battle against squirrels, storms and hackers

Cooperative Living, Virginia
March-April 2019
Even your Fitbit and baby monitor can get hacked
Forward Kentucky
September 23, 2018
Paula Setser-Kissick campaigns for education
Lower costs and more miles-per-charge put electric vehicles in reach


Colorado Country Life
January 2018
Technology is giving consumers more control over their electricity
Alabama Living
December 2018
Advances in electronics offer something for everyone
Rural Missouri
January 2018
Q&A with author on book about electric co-op involvement in the Vietnam War

 Adventure Pizza

Kentucky Living
October 2016
Award-winning feature on artisan pizza shop and rock-climbing outfitter
in eastern Kentucky

Forward Kentucky

November 13, 2017

Story on a focus group study of how coal communities view the future of their local economy

Tennessee Magazine

August 2017

The reasons for the rapid increase in renewable energy, and implications for utilities

Kentucky Living

October 2017

Psychologists and safety experts on why we do things that are not safe, and how to overcome those tendencies

Illinois Country Living

October 2017

Eight top tips to stay safe while enjoying the internet

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